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About our Car Club

There have been car enthusiasts for as long as there have been automobiles, and Trail is no exception.


Over the years there have always been a scattering of small groups of these enthusiasts in the area who would get together to swap stories, help each other out with skilled technical support, or even just plain old manual labor to assist in the completion of projects. Or, if nothing else, provide refreshments and moral support. These small groups would plan outings and go to various locations traveling as a group, with the emphasis on having a fun trip and a good time with friends, more so than arriving at the destinations.

Over the years there have been attempts by these small groups to rally together and form a more structured club. However, for various reasons it was just not meant to be.


Fast-forward to 2007, and a local business (Lordco) put together a car show in Trail's downtown area, and of course the local car buffs attended en masse. It was a very successful event, so Lordco decided to put one on again the following year in 2008. After that event was over, the “West Kootenay Smoke ´n Steel Auto Club” was officially formed.

Today we have roughly 50 members (plus spouses) with a well represented cross-section of the usual suspect vehicles. We have survivor vehicles that have not been restored, and sport all original equipment, fully restored vintage vehicles, hot rods, rat rods, cruisers, classic muscle cars, and kit built. Of course, no collection would be complete without the modern muscle and specialty cars, just to name a few.


Anything with wheels is fair game with this outfit.

The club members are a very diverse group, ranging from the do-everything-yourself characters, to the folks who bring in specialized, highly skilled technical people to bring their creations to life. The common thread is that each and every one of them are proud of their machinery and love to take any opportunity to show them (and tell stories) to anyone who is interested in what they have.

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